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About us

We are the UK’s most exclusive modelling service. We provide first class advice, support and guidance to help our aspiring models.

Who we are

Our experience and knowledge helps new faces take their first steps into the modelling industry safely and effectively, it also puts them in good position to help establish a lucrative modelling career.

We specialise in developing models from the start. We are committed to finding raw talent and working to create a unique image, strong portfolio, and eventually, an impressive career as a professional model. More importantly, we put a strong emphasis on the personal connection between the Support Service and aspiring model.

Starlight Models inspires people across all gender, ethnicity and ages to achieve their full potential by mentoring, supporting them and providing them with all the contacts within the modelling industry. We believe humans are all equal and we are committed to providing an atmosphere of trust and respect that reflects that belief.

Modelling Jobs

It is necessary to know what jobs you are best suited for and what agencies are really looking for. It is essential that you get your modelling potential evaluated by our experienced professional before you invest too much time or money into your pursuit. Apply now and our team of experts can analyse your potential and may be able to help you achieve your goal.

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Why choose us?

Free Application

Register now it’s FREE! Starlight models do not take any registration fees or commission from models, unlike other modelling companies. Our team of industry experts are here to help and establish if you have what it takes to become a successful model.

UK’s No: 1 Model Support Service

Getting into the modelling industry can feel like a daunting task. You. Probably have got all sorts of questions, like “Do I have what it takes?” “How do I get an agent?” “What are the pros and cons of becoming a model?” If you’re looking for help when it comes to getting into modelling, Starlight Models will help to answer some of your questions on how to break into the industry and guide you towards becoming a successful model.

High Success Rate

To increase your chances of being signed successfully, it is important to work with experts who have experience and connections to all the right people. In a wide variety of markets, from child to mature models and TV extra to lead roles. We have over two decades experience in dealing with new faces and aim to help them reach their full potential. Starlight Models is here to help you too.

Become a Model

Starlight Models believe that anyone can be a model no matter their size, shape, age, colour or creed. It’s down to your ability to perform, passion for photography and fashion that will determine the type of model you are.

Establish Your Niche

Whether it’s runway, fashion, commercial, plus-size, fitness, mature, editorial, catalogues or TV and film extra etc.. We can help find the model within you and give you all the advice and support you need to be successful.

We take 0% of your pay!

Starlight Models do not take any joining, registration fees or commission from you. We are a free Support Service.

Five Star Customers Service

If you are unsure about becoming a model feel free to contact us, we will always try to give you the best advice based on our many years of experience supporting new faces!