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Child Models

Starlight Models believe It takes a lot more than a cute face to make a child model

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Commercial Child Models

Modelling can be hard work, but it can also be a wonderful experience for your child and a great opportunity for the two of you to spend time together. It can also introduce your child to a wealth of new experiences. Another big benefit: It can develop your child’s social skills and self-esteem. Children can gain confidence, interview skills, and wonderful memories. Also if your child is successful, there is money to be made. It would be wonderful to say that all children will make enough money to help them with a college, but we can’t predict the future. Just don’t expect to get rich quick.

If your child is just starting out in the industry and is under 16, they would need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to castings and would need a work permit from the local council this can be arranged by your agent. It’s important to know that there is a level of investment needed from the both of you in order for your child to be a successful model. Modelling can be an exciting experience for you and your child, developing their confidence and self-esteem, but how do you get started? If you have a child model just bursting to get out, then Starlight Models can guide you in the right direction. The Starlight has moderne child dressed and studios and they train the kids as well.

Before you pursue child modelling, ask yourself whether your child is comfortable around a lot of other children and adults. Is your child generally outgoing? Can your child pay attention for long periods of time? If the answer is yes, then your child might have the right personality for modelling. Without the drive to succeed, most children wont do well in this industry. “It has to be something a child’s wants to do.