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Parents FAQs

Modelling can be an exciting experience for you and your child, developing their confidence and self-esteem, but how do you get started? If you have a child model just bursting to get out, then Starlight Models can point you in the right direction. If your child is just starting out in the industry and they are under 18, they would need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to a shoot.

Top agencies do not charge registration fees you may be asked to cover the cost of a web page for your child, which is for the casting department, which covers commercials, TV, film and stage.

Modelling agencies make their money through finding you work and taking a percentage of your pay. This should be the only way. You should not be paying them any more than a small one-off admin or marketing fee.

Agencies work on commission. The commission percentage – this can range from 20% –30% per job but the agency should set the commission and take a fixed percentage from each time and not change it according to the job.

Child models can make around £40-£50 an hour to thousands a job. Each job has a different budget. Advertising and TV commercials pay more than editorial and the older a child is the more hours they can work.

While the education requirements to be a child model are flexible, there are many skills you’ll need to possess to have a successful career. You’ll need to be flexible, reliable, hardworking, and be able of taking direction. Whether you’re a catalogue model or acting in a television commercial, you need to understand and be able to portray the message of the brand you are representing.

Your look can help to determine what area of modelling you will fit best into, as there are numerous subdivisions under the larger modelling umbrella. Remember, getting into modelling doesn’t just mean being tall and thin. It means identifying and playing to your own strengths, looking for the type of work that’s right for you.

  • Child modelling is generally split into two categories.
  • Print- magazines, catalogues, billboards, adverts, etc.
  • TV & Films - commercials, film and music videos.

If your child is shortlisted the next stage is that we will call you to a photographic studio for a professional shoot. This will let us see how the child interacts with a team of people the child’s not familiar with and gives your child, and you, an idea of how the world of modelling works.

Modelling agencies are businesses which help parents find modelling opportunities for their child. This may be work in film or TV as an extra, or photography work showcasing your child’s cuteness or advertising a product.