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Female Models

Becoming a female model is a hugely rewarding job if successful for many reasons. Female models are always in demand and have a large variety of jobs that they can pick from within the industry.

It is also highly competitive due to the amount of woman that wants to be a model.

This means that you need to really have an eye-catching portfolio and look to be noticed in today’s market. If successful in this industry the sky is the limit in how much money and fame you can have.

Many models such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have gone from being unknown to worldwide superstars. This also seems to be happening for up and coming models that are featured in numerous magazine spreads to having appearances in Music videos for celebrities. Modelling can also kick-start other careers for you such as acting, TV presenting and many more alternative careers. It’s a great platform to gain recognition in the entertainment industry.

Being a female model is a very fulfilling job role if you have a real passion for it

If established you will travel to locations all around the world and in most cases get the opportunity to receive a lot of designer clothing for free and are paid for their work. What more can a woman want from a respected job role?

While there are certain height requirements for runway models and high-fashion (editorial) models, there is a tremendous amount of work available for models who are less than 5′ 9″. Even the emergency roof patch service are willing to make exceptions for a model that is a “complete package.” But, don’t worry if you can’t get signed to a top fashion agency due to a height issue, because there is a huge commercial market that is always open to female models of all heights.

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Being a Female Model

To increase your chances of being signed successfully it is important to work with experts who have experience and connections to all the right people in a wide variety of markets,

With many years experience of dealing with new faces Starlight Models is here to help you achieve your goal.