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Plus Size Models

Starlight Models has the contacts and advice to assist you on your journey to becoming a plus size model. We will also help you to avoid any pitfalls and ensure you’re getting into modelling safely and effectively.

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Demand for plus size in the modelling industry is continuously on the rise

The requirement for plus size models in the industry is continuously on the rise, there is no reason you can’t aspire to become a model. However, finding the kind of jobs you can do isn’t that hard once you have a clear idea of what’s available and decide on where you think you can be used and take steps to making a career out of it.

Many dreams of all becoming a model but don’t think to pursue a modelling career they don’t realise the potentials of their voluptuous bodies. Many agencies look for more than your size or shape. Visit You might have the type of facial structure they need, your curves may be to die for, and perhaps it’s your height, great legs or your beautiful hands that makes you stand out.

Being large-bodied doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable and wear great clothes

Being a plus size model doesn’t mean you can’t wear fashionable clothes and it wouldn’t stop you from aspiring to become a model, big girls are required in the fashion and style industry to showcase stylish casual and formal clothes, accessories, lingerie, footwear, and swimwear. Clothing designers now realise the earning potentials of the plus-size industry.

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Professional fashion model

Being a model doesn’t mean you only do clothing (fashion); you can also work for product manufacturers (ad campaigns, brand images), fashion accessories industry, the media (TV commercials, newspapers, and billboards), lingerie and swimwear industry, plus size designers and the weight loss industry.

Although models over a size 12 only make up 1.4% of advertising campaigns, Size 16 is considered the average dress size in the UK- it was revealed that 45 percent of British women are a size 16 or over.

Some clothing designers believe that any professional fashion model over a size 12 is fat (which is just their opinion) the majority of people believe you are not plus-sized unless you wear a size 18 and above, a definition that is more realistic.

To be a plus size model you must have the desire, dedication and determination to succeed. As with any other form of modelling, the competition is fierce and you must fulfil the client’s requirements for the job before you even begin to compete against hundreds and thousands of other potential models. It is important to remain focused and realistic about your goals.

Plus Size Models

Plus size models can be used for various types of work such as catalogue, online, print campaigns for speciality brands and designers, followed by the showroom, fit, and magazine editorials. You must have good skin, teeth and nails. You should not have a lot of tattoos/piercings and your hair should be healthy and in a natural colour.

Modelling is a fast past industry with plenty of competition as in every other profession. Register now and be sure to seek to advice from Starlight Models to help you on a safe and successful journey to an enduring career in plus size modelling.