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Runway Models

Runway modelling is a popular career choice. It’s a dream to most people, however, a reality to only a few. Fashion shows and magazines may have you convinced that you just need to be tall and good looking to make it as a runway model however it’s a matter of who you know and not what you know which will determine your success.

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As a Runway Model, you advertise a Clothing Designer’s creations while walking in fashion shows and posing for photographs.

You are the face of a fashion collection that the Designer has been cultivating for months. In each job, the Designer is relying on you to portray a certain appearance and personality.

In a world where appearance is everything, you must keep yourself well groomed. Your body is more than just your temple; it is a canvas ready to be painted.

As a Runway Model, you may have to travel far to walk in fashion Mecca’s like New York, Paris and Milan, but there are endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the international fashion community.

As a runway model, you will be seen in public more often and you will need to bring across a sense of health and beauty

Your height should be about 5.8 ft or over if you are female and for men 6 ft. If you are going to do runway modelling, you will also have to make sure that your weight is consistent and of a certain size. Being skinny isn’t important but rather having a good, healthy figure.

As a runway model, you will be seen in public more often and you will need to bring across a sense of health and beauty. You need to look regal and sexy, getting used to quick clothing changes as well as makeup/ hair changes. You will need to be able to walk on any surface with high heels most of the time, and of course not fall. Your walkway section may change from time to time depending on the changes in the industry. Able to be adaptable and comfortable with being in the limelight as well as walking out in front of an audience, remaining calm while dozens of cameras go off.

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If you play your cards right, modelling can yield a very glamorous lifestyle

To become a runway model, you must be flexible, versatile, very stylish, dependable, hardworking, and good at taking directions. You also have to know how to convey the emotion and attitude of the brand that you are modelling for. You must be able to properly represent the garments and wardrobes that you are wearing. A good fashion model is able to wear any types of clothing and will always look good in it.

Runway modelling can be a very tough business and will require you to fly overseas on occasion for various fashion shows. Travelling is a stepping stone in your career as a runway model and this will give you the exposure you need to make it into the international modelling industry.

Clients who hire runway models focus on the physical features of the models as well as their modelling portfolio. It’s very important to you put together all your best looks in your portfolio so that modelling agency, talent scouts and other clients can easily have a reference to your potential.

To reach great heights in the industry, you, as a Runway Model must exude confidence. Modelling is similar to acting. When you step on the runway, you may have to embody a character. Every moment, a photographer could be catching your expression in a snapshot that may end up in next month’s biggest magazines, so be sure to always be on top of your game.

Runway Modelling

Indeed, working as a fashion runway model is a very fulfilling career since you will have a taste of the glamorous world of fashion.

Therefore, register with Starlight Models today and start building your portfolio to help jumpstart a worthwhile career as a professional fashion model!